The Unconventional Guide To Online Business Without Investment : 2021

online business without investment


You are already in that 5% of people who at least give it a try. 

95% of people only think that one day they try and become successful and that one day never comes.  

I am delighted to see you here. I know you want to know something where you can start your journey online. 

I am sure you are already watching some videos or reading blogs about this topic. If yes, then I am pretty sure you are still confused. 

If you read this type of blog for the first time, you will never regret the time that you spend.

After reading this blog post, you have some overview of what are the online business without investment or how you can earn online. 

Without wasting any time, let’s straight. 

If you might notice that when you search on google about online business or online earning, you get plenty of results like this 10+, 7+, 50+, 100+ business ideas or more types of these.

But you never get the overview or starting point, and your mind starts to struggle with confusion.

I tell you the exact online business without investment because many online businesses require some bucks to start. 

I defined these online businesses without investment, mainly into three categories. 

These are 3 Categories where you can do online business around them without investment.

online business without investment

Some people comment on this: where these types of like Blogging, drop-shipping, YouTube, Podcasting or more others where you always stuck at some point. 

Let me tell you guys one thing these are such a way of making money where you need some bucks to spend initially. 

And the 2nd thing is these all belong to these categories, and I will explain it below, how?

For example, you want to start a youtube channel, or you are beginning to upload content on that channel, it’s kind of teaching. You provide the knowledge or value through video, so it is the teaching. 

Now, how to start an online business without investment, What is the first step in creating an online business strategy. 

Two things, you have to understand before starting any startup, business or online business. 

online business without investment

Skill and Market

SkillWhat do you have so that you can solve the problem of others

Market Who will take that from you

Skills – it depends on many factors; how would you choose your skill. It’s a research part, and you have to do some research. 

If I will tell you here, it’s a lengthy process, and the blog’s core is missing, so I will cover it in another article. 

Just have to keep in mind these three main factors that are Market, Passion, Talent. 

If you have a passion for doing something, but there is no market for that, you have to change then.

A combination of three factors gives you the exact answer to what you have to do in professional life.

Market – it’s all about the audience. You can not target all audiences for your product or service. 

There are different – 2 customer personas in the market. 

“If everybody is your audience, then nobody is your audience” Sanjay Shenoy.

You have to choose your specific target group of audiences. You can collect this information by just doing a survey. 

For example :

  • Self Personality Development for school and college students ,
  • Digital Marketing – for small hospitals
  • Content writing for e-commerce industry
  • Fitness coaching for age group 18-45 years
  • Dating Advice For Guys To Find Their Dream Girl

Like above you have to decide your customer avatars. A customer avatars based on their goals, age, qualification, location or problems. 

You can create your customer avatars by creating google form or Typeform and collect data from your community, or you can do via third party service. 

It might take some time to define yourself or market. But as soon as you get it, You are good to go.

Let’s go first, and the great online business idea without investment in 2021 is : 


how to start online business from home

Freelancing: Work from home opportunity, and anywhere from the world you can work for someone.

Why has this become so popular?

People realise that work from home productivity during this pandemic is so excellent. 

Many businesses accept freelancing now because when a person comes to their office, there are some expenses for every person and the company will have to pay those expenses. 

You can learn skills and work on that for your portfolio or do some work for cheap initially.

How can you start your freelancing business?

First, you have to develop a skill and then work alone and gain experience from the market,

Then open the agency and start hiring people. 

In this way, you can scale from ground to sky.

Some procedures between client and freelancer are complete via some middle man.

And these middlemen are like,,,,

These websites are freelancing market websites.

Create your profile on these platforms. Some platforms have some criteria for listing your profile, make sure to fulfil those criteria.

Let’s talk about the skill sets, Choose one of them and become an expert on it. 

These are the Skills where you can make money, After seeing this you don’t need to searching more about find a niche or skill

DIGITAL MARKETINGInfluencer Marketing
Community Management
Local SEO
Domain Research
E-Commerce Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Mobile Marketing & Advertising
Music Promotion
Web Traffic
Text Message Marketing
Search Engine Optimiztion (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing ( SEM)
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Content Marketing
Podcast Marketing
Video Marketing
Email Marketing
Display Advertising
Marketing Strategy
Web Analytics
Book & eBook Marketing
Graphics & DesignLogo Design
Brand Style Guides
Game Art
Graphics for Streamers
Business Cards & Stationery
Pattern Design
Brochure Design
Poster Design
Signage Design
Flyer Design
Book Design
Album Cover Design

Menu Design
Invitation Design
Portraits & Caricatures
Cartoons & Comics
Tattoo Design
Web Banners
Photoshop Editing
Architecture & Interior Design
Landscape Design
Building Information Modeling
Character Modeling
Industrial & Product Design
Trade Booth Design

Below are some more SKILL SET, if you want to know about SUB SKILLS of these skills, Download the copy of all skill sets.

Writing & Translation
Video & Animation
Music & Audio
Programming and tech

Download All the Skill Set Sheet From here

These skill sets can make a profitable business or decent earning. Now you can consider these skills to earn money online or online business ideas which we discuss above. 

There are skills and sub skill sets, choose one where you get your interest. 

Affiliate Marketing

online business ideas without investment

Affiliate marketing: This is a very lucrative business where you can earn commission through sales. 

There are plenty of ways to do affiliate marketing: paid method or free method. 

We are talking about without investment, so here we are going to discuss free methods. 

You can affiliate marketing on social media for free. 

You have to build the audience first and gain the trust of the audience. After that, you will be able to make some money. 

Instagram now becomes very popular; many people are doing affiliate marketing on Instagram and make decent money.

Check, or warrior plus for affiliate products. 

Build an audience on social media platforms and share valuable content or pitch them the right product. 

Another method is answering like on quora or medium, if they have no restrictions.

And another one is youtube, growing on youtube is hardly now but if you work hard, you can. If you see in their description, you got some links, and these are affiliate links. 

You can also do affiliate marketing via youtube.

If you want to go on the side of a few investments, you can start your website to generate sales through organic ranking.

You can run the ads for affiliate marketing, Be careful while running ads for affiliate marketing. Sometimes our ad account is disabled due to some unfair practice.

What about Amazon: Amazon affiliate marketing is a top-rated affiliate network and most likely. 

You can promote Amazon products on websites through blogs, or you can encourage on youtube for free.

Even amazon gives significantly less percentage of commission; still, people are doing amazon affiliate. 

If you have your product, you can sell on amazon.

What about Dropshipping: Dropshipping is a kind of affiliate marketing as you buy those items at a low price and sell at a higher price. That margin difference is your commission which you can make accordingly. 

Dropshipping still works, but in 2020 it is overdue to the pandemic. Now it’s started again.

You don’t need to buy inventory; first, you can make a website or send traffic to the site. The owner directly delivers his product to the customer, and you have got your commission.

Consulting & Teaching

online business without investment

 In this category, you can start with zero investment provided that you are an expert and have an audience. 

That’s why I am telling you, first build the skill and master the skill, gain experience. 

After that, you can consult people. 

Now, this is the question, why do people want to consult from you?

In the initial stage, you need to pitch the consulting call to the people for free. 

Here is the process: how to find a client for consulting?

Get client :

Read these 4 points and implement, you will definitely get the client.

1.). Join multiple groups on every social media platform or forums and try to be active for the first month on these groups. Do not try to spam; otherwise, you are going to be removed from groups. 

2.). You have to provide a solution for problems, your answer should be clear and should be lengthy. 

3.). Make a comment on people’s comments with genuine solutions. Every day you can measure how many DM’s you received. 

4.). Behave like you are an expert, and people start approaching you, and now you can tell them, here is the link, you can book the call where we discuss your problem. 

Setup your calendly account; it is a simple process to setup calendly. This tool will help you to manage your calls. Not manageable, this is mandatory for booking the call. 

There are other options in the market, but I recommend calendly.

Always ask for recording if they are comfortable because this will help you generate content and keep it as a testimonial. 

Another tool is Zoom where you host your call, where you can do up to 40 min calls for free. Other options are available like google meet, Microsoft teams, Go To Meetings, Zoho meetings, or bluejeans and other more like this. 

Now let’s move to teaching.

You have to build credibility first, for credibility use social media platforms or youtube to teach people. 

Provide free content on these channels. 

If you are a parent, you can see the changes during the pandemic—your children taking the online class.

If you are a student, I am pretty sure you studied online more than physical classes at that time. Or maybe now. 

Teaching or coaching industry is booming right now. And growth is still going on for the next five years.

After building credibility, there are plenty of options for earning. 

You can write a book on your subject. 

You can run the paid batch or classes. 

Chances are very high, and you can become an educator on big teaching platforms.

Conclusion :

Hope, now you have the overview of online business or earning. You can start your journey from building skill and show your skill to the online world.

You have to work hard from zero levels, and once you rise, your growth is insane. 

Never ever give up.  

People jump on the online field with the influence of someone who shows some earning to impact you.

Choose the right information source and go ahead.

If you have any query, then just drop the comment, and I would be pleased to provide the solution. 

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