How to Start a Startup: 9 Steps to Launch a Successful Startup

how to start a startup

Everyone has their dreams. You guys also would have dreams of becoming something big and achieving big in life. When it comes to the context of business, a word comes to emerge that is “Entrepreneur”. 

Entrepreneur seems like a good word and most people want to put this tag onto yourself because they think their life is great, enjoyable, and not any Boss.

But Guys Entrepreneur is not a word, it is the whole journey with discipline, determination, dedication, sleepless night, stress, and anxiety. Sometimes it also affects personal life.

Entrepreneurs who solve the problems and build the business around them.

It is a difficult thing when you are going to land your startup on the ground. When it starts you need to put more effort and hard work into running the startup.

Every year thousands of startups come up with their unique solving problem products or services but only a few of them get successful.

The journey of building the startup from ground to sky is challenging and in this journey, most entrepreneurs give up. The reason behind this is a lack of knowledge about the important aspects of every business which are sales and marketing, H.R., finance and accounting, legal and security, and more.

Before starting any startup you need to have the proper business plan, understanding of the market, and having some knowledge.

Most entrepreneurs want to start their venture but they are not familiar with the requirements to land their idea to execution.

Here are the 9 steps that will help you to launch your startup successfully.

This complete guide on how to start a startup gives you enough clarity.

1.) Successful Idea:

Before starting any business you have an idea or want to develop an idea. Now how we consider whether this idea is working or not. Maybe This idea is based on your passion or your knowledge. We are in a village of 7+ billion people, millions of people there who have awesome creative ideas. But having an Idea or executing the Idea makes a difference. 

  • Clarify your Why:  Ask yourself why you want to start your business, it is about solving your problems or market problems. If you are passionate and have a dream to build your own business since childhood, or maybe you don’t want to work under somebody and wish to be your boss. Then it is more personal but here is to change your mind directed towards the market. Identify the market problem and without solving any problem you can’t succeed.

What unique solutions are provided by you only and people do not hesitate to spend some bucks for their problems? Make a clear statement for your business.

  • Super Unique Idea: Analyze your idea and your industry. A big brand in your industry and other competitors exist in the market or not. If not then research ‘Did anybody implement this idea before?’ 

Most business owners say, don’t go for completely different ideas because there is no market or need for the people. Facebook is not the first social media platform and Google is also not the first search engine, they have their unique strategies to grow in the market. 

However, if you are confident about your Idea and pretty sure that it is the thing which is able to solve this problem and capable to fulfill the market need. You can start it on a small scale. You need to figure out how you can do better. Uber and Airbnb are great examples. They are able to make a big difference in their industry.

  • Give maximum Value: Customer never comes back when they feel cheated. Make a great product or service as much as possible that indeed provides instant customer satisfaction. 

Try to give maximum value to your customer,  When customers are benefited from your products and services, your business revenue automatically scales up. Always be creative and be fast to make changes according to the customer’s feedback.

2.) Business Plan: 

Once you put your startup on land it requires a lot of work, so you have to make a proper business plan so that you don’t have to be overwhelmed later. A business plan about your business purpose and what are your end goals for customers and your business as well?

A business plan is like a document or presentation about the company’s future and structure that you write for your potential investors.

  • Company profile: It is your company executive summary in brief where you tell your company purpose, customer base, what are selling to?, your resources, How does your business solve those problems?

You need to have a clear goal statement and mission in your summary. 

Company owner name and location of your business where you operate all functions of the business. Your team profile and departments of your business. Describe your company’s business model. This is the about us page on your website which makes your business more trustworthy.

  • Product or service description: Showcase your product and service details and how they can help the customer. 

How it works and how they benefited from your product. And why they consider your product because it is already in the market. 

Tell them the uniqueness of your product and why your product is different from others. Describe, in the bold statement your core competency area. Show the cycle of problems to a solution. Which types of customers are this product for?

  • Make a financial sheet:  Create a mindmap of your finance, including your startup cost and marketing budget. Make your cash flow statements. You need money to run a business in any way. 

Make a list of all things like computers or desk, office space, rental things, whatever you need to run a business. 

List out the things that you would have to pay at the end of the month.

Also need to build a separate section of funding, assets, and loan.

Financial statements also help to pitch the investors and get easy loans from banks.

3.) Analyzing your industry: 

Understanding the need of the market is the most important key to unlocking the success of your business. Build your product or service around the needs of people. 

In the beginning there is a solution to the problem, over the time it becomes the need. For example when the operating system is launched, it solves many problems, it saves most of the time and does the efficient work rather than any human.

  • Market analysis: It is the type of collective information about the value and volume of the market  where you want to enter soon. How much success you have depends on the market size. 

Market analysis gives you the hint of demand and supply of the market and it depends on how many percent you take of the whole demand and supply need. 

Market trends are the most important thing that you need to check. For example in this time the real estate industry is showing the downfall trends.

  • Competitor analysis: This analysis gives the idea about the weakness and strengths of your competitor. This analysis gives you an opportunity to stand up in a competitive place.  

Find out the gaps in the market which you need to fill up and grow in a competitive market.

Do not enter the market where there is no competition. Over there, not any  customer base. Enter the competitive market with a different angle.

There are three levels of competitor based on their establishment date. The new competitor who is new to the market. And after that mid established and well established. 

People trust those who are well and old. Now how you can stand out from, here is the steps to doing the competitor analysis.

  1. Identify your competitor who runs the business exactly or almost the same or maybe in the category.
  2. Go to the website, their social media handles, and meet their staff if possible. Find the customer’s feedback on what’s the problem that the customer faces mostly. 
  3. Always be fast and creative to solve the problem.
  4. Customer satisfaction is more important than any aspect of the business.
  5. Over time you gain trust and it becomes your strength.
  • Explore the Market: Check the product or services differentiation. What kind of shipping is available or how would they provide service.  How to work over their distribution channel?

Check the price of products and services or how much margin they have.

The need you have to check because in the digital world most startups come up only for the profit. No need for this type of product, they just show up more and retarget them to motivate them to buy their product. They don’t know the customer lifetime value. 

But you have to give more value which drives the good feedback of customers.

Also you can interview of an successful entrepreneur

4.) Understand Your Customer Avatar:

A Customer’s avatar is basically the profile of the customer which contains the age, location, gender, interest, goal, and many more. Or it can be defined as a buyer persona. You can select your set of group customers and sell the product or service based on their needs.

What is customer avatar: 

  • An individual person who represents your target customer.
  • This person can be fictional as well.
  • You can have a whole global avatar and also avatars for each customer group or segment you have
  • When you know the customer’s goal and interest, he feels more comfortable with you. You treat them like you would know a close friend. For example Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft, connects with the audience directly on linkedin. This increases the feeling of connectivity among the audience and audience also feel that they are talking to directly with great personalities.
  • Understand their dreams, goals, fears, challenges so that they feel good that this is the person or company who helps in the right way.
  • People want to buy from people not from logos so if you understand your customer very well, the customer feels that they are talking to you directly and make a transaction because you care for your customer.
  • You make your decision based on your different segment of potential customers.
  • Now your product or service is going to the right person.
  • If you have a great product and great marketing to sell a product or service, if this product or service does not go to the right person it would be meaningless.
  • Build your customer base: Through content marketing and paid advertising helps you to build your community. When you have some visitors and views and members in your tribe, you always have an easy option to know the market trends and people’s interests, you can conduct a survey with your members. 

Provide good value on various platforms consistently and you can always test your new product or service with the members, they tell you and give feedback , based on your feedback you can land your product in a wide range.

Communication is the most important aspect because it is always people to people, you 

also have to communicate with your tribe.

It helps you to grow your personal brand.

Always take feedback of your every action, if you do like this everything is gonna be right whether it is your marketing or sales or your content.

That’s the reason you have to focus on first to build a customer avatar is important before any component of business.

  • How to create your first customer avatar: you can hire the marketing specialist for doing the market research OR in the beginning you can build your own community in the form of groups, forums and subscribers. Just send a form to ask for filling the form.

You can ask in the form of their demographics, goals, information, objection, problem and challenge.

Demographics data:-

  • You can ask for their age group
  • Job title 
  •  Gender
  • Their marital status
  • Income level
  • Geographical location
  • About education

Ask what is your goal?

Which types of information they consume everyday?

Their objections and problems.

What are the challenges in their life to achieve success?

These are the point to help to  make any segment of customer avatar 

5.) Company Registration:

It is very important to register your company. This is a process where you complete all the legal procedures and make a big wall around your business, no one can harm your business in any way because you have all the rights to run a business successfully.

From finding your business name to registering the company name or tax registration , all things you need to have some basic knowledge. But don’t worry about it because many companies do it for themselves, you don’t need to go to any office.

  • Your Business Name:  Choose a name always that is easy to speak, avoid the hard wording.
    • Have a memorable and short name like Uber 
    • Name length should be up to 20 characters is more than enough.
    • Have a clear statement having always with your business name
    • There are not any hard and fast rules to choose this type of name only but it is good who is confusing about it. Check the Mcdonald’s, Paypal, or think Apple is just a name of a fruit and he does not show about electronics and smartphones though everyone knows about it.
    • Avoid the limitations of the name, some people choose their business name on one product. if they grow and don’t have an option to spread horizontally and vertically later.

Check the username of the social profile and Most important is having an exact domain name for your business website. It is very important to have an online presence and build trust between the audience. So that check before otherwise, it affects a lot of your business later

For a company a web address and geographical location address is very important. 

  • Register your business: There are many types of registration depending on your company value or size. Register Also register with the government compliance. The different ways are called as business entities.
  • Sole proprietorship: This is the oldest and easiest way to register your business. In sole proprietorship you are completely responsible for debt or profit. Whatever profit or loss you make, it will be yours. You are the business owner, everything happens in business ,you are  personally liable for.

Mostly small business owners or shopkeepers go this way to register yourself as a Sole proprietorship. The benefits of sole proprietorship is minimal interference of government regulation.

  • One Person Company: In these entities you are not personally liable, for  company’s profit or loss. Here your personal finances are safe. Company is responsible for all the matters.

After registration, private limited words get after the company name mentioned with the one person company. You are the company’s shareholder and director as well.

  • Private limited company: In pvt ltd company requirement minimum 2 shareholders or 2 directors. It is the same way as a one person company, company is liable for any matters. 

It is the reputable business entity to register your business. To take any bank loan, it is easy after registering within this entity. 

Make sure it is more trustable, so government regulation also increases on it. This type of business entity is more preferable because you get a loan easier from banks and for seed funding and want to deal with corporate or big clients.

  • Limited liability company:  As it’s name implies that it has a limited liability and also tax benefited because it is a company type where you are professional like you are the small builder and want to make a building, so you can go register with the limited liability because after work you need to dissolve it. So the government gives tax benefits because it is like a project based.
  • Tax registration: Different types of tax registration depends which country belongs to you. There are different taxes in different countries. But many of similar, so take care personally, if you have knowledge else a legal adviser will help you.

Income tax return : This type of tax when your or your company’s income meets the criteria of government regulation. You can check government website related to tax 

Employment tax: this is basically insurance when your company has more employees. Other more rules apply in employment tax.

State wise tax: Also check your state government tax, make sure you register with them. 

They give you the specified no. of your business called Pin no. Code no, or etc. 

Different types of business entities have different tax slabs and also different taxes for types of businesses like import- export business have their own different tax.

  • Protect your Business: Sometimes entrepreneurs may lose their protection because they think this is too expensive and complex. Maybe this can be your dream and your idea, you have to protect your idea. If you are too late to do these simple steps , your business is in vain.

These are the simple steps that will help you to protect your property.

Patents: It means, you make a product and if you have a patent of this product, no one can make this same product, not sell and not use it for any inappropriate work. You save your idea or your product. If you caught someone who made your product you can put a claim on him.

This is not only for products, you can do it for future ideas or inventions because an idea is your property, you also would not want anyone else to earn a profit by using it.

Trademarks: it could be a symbolic sign or word or a number of any devices. Owner has the right to use own trademark, no one can use this trademark for official purposes. You can see in your industry corporate has their trademark and no one can use this.

A lawyer or legal advisor who knows about all of these will can help to get all of these protected rights.

Copyrights: Owner has the rights of copyright to make copy of product, books, brochure, print, logos, tagline, software. No one can copy them. 

Agreements: There are many types of agreement in business, you need to keep all. Your service agreement or your trade agreement.

Agreement between the company and people or for the employees. Your business privacy policy is also important.

6.) Fund Raising:  

You have to be sure about how much funds need to run a startup. Let’s get back to our business plan where we make the financial statement. How much funds need to run a business until we are established in the market and shows profit in our statement.

To run a business you need to have proper cash flow in business. Sometimes statements show the profit but there is no growth in the startup because of cash flow problems. 

Most startups fail in their early stage due to the cash flow. Make a detailed financial plan including all things whether it small, tiny or big. Salaries, hardware and software or control operation or much more. Include everything. 

One thing is for sure that you need a proper fund to run a startup in the early stage. 

  • Sources of funding:  The main source of funding is personal funds or family support. After that either you can take a loan from banks or investors can invest money in your startup. It’s totally up to you. 

Taking a loan from banks is harder because you don’t have any assets and profit in the early stage. So you need to attract and convince the investor to invest their money in your startup.

Personal fund: Most startups start with their own money. It could be your personal  savings, or it could be your family support or maybe it could be your assets.

Those startups started on personal money or family based is called bootstrapping. 

For risk and profitability you are completely viable . And one of its advantages is you have flexibility to take any decision otherwise the scenario is different. The success or failure of a startup totally depends on you. Bootstrapping is only for small businesses because on a large scale you need lots of money.

Crowdfunding: It is the easiest way to raise a fund not the easiest but simpler way than any other sources. In this digital world it is more simple, there are many crowdfunding platforms on the internet. 

You have to show only great products to the audience that actually solve the problem.

It is a funding type where your potential customer or community donates the money to you. In exchange they want only your great product or service that you promised for early access.

It is basically a business plan that you show to your potential customer. If you are able to convince them ,then you are able to raise the fund from people. 

Here the most well known crowdfunding platforms are Indiegogo, kickstarter, fundable and patreon.

Bank Loan: Bank provides loans for businesses who have solid plans which prove to grow the business but banks always take a guarantee. This guarantee either comes from big companies who take responsibility or you can put your own assets for taking loans. 

Banks always want to keep their books clean so they don’t want to take any risks.

Also banks charge the interest above the 12% on the amount. Make sure you are able to repay the loan and interest.

Some Business owners do not recommend taking loans from banks because if any way maybe your business is not successful. Now you have nothing any money or assets.

They recommend you can take out a loan in the condition of running business or when you want to expand your business. 

Angel Investor: Most startups are looking for Angel investors because they are also entrepreneurs who become the angel investor later. They also provide the guidance or mentorship for the newly startups as well as their money.

So that’s the reason he is called Angel. They are ready to take risks because they want more returns and growth. 

When an Angel Investor comes into your startup, you don’t have more flexibility to make decisions. Now Angel investors involve most of the decisions and they do not always agree with your decisions.

But the percentage of such investors is very low, almost 3%. Everyone wants their business to touch the sky under a mentor who also invests their money and spends some time on business. 

They are interested in unique ideas. If someone impresses them with their idea, they are ready to invest.

Angel investors are professional and have a deep knowledge of industry. Also, you can consider the backbone of newly startups.

Venture Capitals: If you are looking for a good amount of money, you can go for venture Capitals. In the return they want their stock or partnership in business. 

they get back mostly for new startups. They only invest in those startups or businesses that have recorded high growth in their initial stage.

They always keep a record of progress and where business is going.

You don’t have enough control on your business because you take a huge amount from venture capitals and now they give you their own decision in your business.

They care for your business perfectly until they recover their amount or returns.

For new startup or innovation ideas, the government also helps to build their business through their schemes. Before starting any startup check also what offers which government provides to you to build the startups.

7.) Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

Launch your first product which is a minimum viable product.

Minimum viable Product is a basic version of your initial product which is only provided to the early access customer or with your tribe to get feedback or suggestions about improvement on the product.

It is such testing in the market that whether your product or service is working or not who prevents you from spending all money in the first go.

It gives you the study or assessment about what is the more preference point of customer and customer need and how customers use this product more easily. In this way you can create your end user product with very less cons or almost nil. 

It is the concept of Eric Ries the author of The lean startup book and really it’s very successful in many types of business. They say it builds your strength for the next level product.

The benefits of MVP:

  • Save your money and time. 
  • Give the opportunity of building a great product.
  • Through you actually know the customer’s needs.
  • Give you the direction to perfectionism.
  • Know about the key points of the product that are in demand.
  • You get the insights of the market about your product.
  • Customers give you more hints or ideas as feedback.

Even Google launched their MVP as a basic HTML page. They want to see how people react. 

They get good responses or problems that users face when they use the search engine. Google has been improving over the time. You might still be reading this article on Google because Google has created a position in its market. 

Some entrepreneurs and business owners also have a misunderstanding about minimum viable products.

They overload the key features on their MVP. But it is not a good practice. You need to show only a few features on their MVP. Show the basic set of features that clearly mention the solution of a particular problem.  Show full features on your end product that improved according to the customers.

8.) Marketing for your brand:

Marketing is the most valuable component of business. If you don’t have marketing knowledge, start learning today. It is advice for you don’t hire any marketing expert in the initial stages of your startups. You have to become the best marketer first. Don’t rely or depend on marketing agencies. 

Why I’m putting pressure over there because marketing drives your business. Your business is alive with the marketing. Sales is the aspect of marketing. Marketing gives the direct ROI other than any department of business like Human resources, Administration, Finance or accounting, and production or manufacturing.

Marketing department is the pulse of your business. Maybe you have the best product in the world, but if you do not have good marketing then there is no meaning to the product. Your most effort in marketing gives you the growth at the end of year. Your budget should be more for marketing.

  • The real meaning of Marketing: 

People think in the way which marketing is all about selling the product or service to the customer. But it is not the right way to keep in mind that it is just selling stuff.

Marketing is about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Marketing starts before creating any product. As we discuss already it starts from creating a customer avatar and customer needs. After understanding the market needs we start creating the product.

You can’t become an expert by learning about marketing. It is not a theory based, it is the 100% practical approach. It is an evolution of your expertise level. It takes lots of years to gain experience in marketing. You can become an expert in marketing by doing practical experiments or evaluating time to time all of things in the market.

  • Build Strong Brand:

The purpose of marketing is to build a strong brand and also capture a position in the minds of the consumers.

To build a strong position in the market you need a great product, a great product that converts your customers into loyal ambassadors. For example you recommend an apple macbook to one of your friends after using it because you know the quality or performance that apple company gives you. Apple creates great products and everyone does marketing for Apple free of cost. Word of mouth marketing is one of the best mediums ever.

Narrow down more with your speciality and be the only one in the market because people remember always Number- 1. Keep customers happy with satisfaction and communicating with them so that they remain loyal.

You have to  remain a leader in your market segment. Always put your feet on the market with the long term thinking that you are the only one.

  • Online presence or Personal Brand:  

In this digital age, you need to have a strong presence on the internet. The world is almost covered with smartphone users. And almost every person who uses the internet has a smartphone. 

People find you online first after that they make a decision to transact with you, if you are able to convert them or your online mediums are capable of convincing them.

That’s the reason the digital marketing industry is booming right now. You can imagine that many businesses survive only with the internet. And the world is changing, see that many businesses do not have any offices or physical products. They have only business on the internet. You can’t imagine that some businesses who don’t have any physical product have billions of dollars valuation. 

You can reach the maximum number of your potential customers via the internet.

Online presence building with: These are steps to having visible on the internet. 

Business website: Having a website is more important because it’s your business web address. You can show off your products or services on the website. There are lots of aspects of the website about us page, contact us page or many more.

To start a website you need a ‘domain name’ which is your company name and need ‘web hosting’, it is the space where you put your website data.

Having social media profiles: make sure to have the same business name profile on social media also. Social platforms become the most valuable because people spend 

more time than any other platforms. 

Attention is the new currency. A survey gets a report that the average person has 8 second attention span time. If you are successful to grab the attention on social media you are the king in your market.

Build an email list: Expert says that all money in your email list. Collect the leads from the website or social media, forums or paid advertising. Use the lead magnet to grab the leads. There are many email marketing software in the market. Take a free trial of these email marketing tools; Getresponse, aweber, or convertkit. You can do lead generation through digital marketing.

Do content marketing: Produce content consistently or give value to your audience. You can do SEO(search engine optimization) for getting free traffic from search engines.

You can run ads for your brand awareness or capturing the leads. Facebook is the only good platform for those who have the more detailed target audience.

You have to communicate on the internet in the form of words, visuals or voice through the digital platforms consistently.

  •  Personal Brand: 

What is a personal brand?

In a simple way how many people do you recognise with your face in the world on the internet.

Here I am giving you the example of a personal brand which makes you more understanding.

Elon Musk, every entrepreneur knows him very well and most of the people also and his company tesla has less branding than Elon Musk. 

If Elon Musk wants to start a new company now, it is very easy and customers are ready to buy from because he built his personal brand. That is the power of personal brand.

Good communication with the audience is all about to build the personal brand. Understand their problems and give them the answer. Be active on online platforms.

People also want to talk directly with the people, not from company logos.

Satya Nadella, CEO of the microsoft also takes live sessions on linkedin to communicate with their audience.

You have to care for your audience very well and give more value always.

9.) Winning Team for Business:

Your dream comes true when you have a great team in your startups. With A high performance team you can achieve anything that you want in life or business. Let’s have a great idea and also demand in the market for that idea but if you don’t have your superheroes, your idea is completely spoiled. 

Richard Branson theory (known for founder of Virgin Group): 

“Train your employees’ enough,Train them so much

So that anybody can pay them double the salary of what you are giving them.”

“Treat them Well enough so they don’t want to leave”

Before starting a startup you need a good team. Without a team whether it’s small  or big based on your industry, you can not run a business.

Only two main problems in startups are capital or a good man power. 23% of startup are fail due to the bad team (source:

In most cases startups start from college students. They make a colleague as a team member or startup partner. 

Start with yourself: You are a visionary person or want to make your idea true in the market.  Make sure you have leadership skills. A leader moves ahead first with the team.

Soft skills are very important when you are the first employee of your company. 

Yes, you can start alone with your idea but in the initial stage you need a partner or minimum four people. These people could be your colleague or your family members.

Finding a good partner is not an easy job. You need to find qualities as you have the same or more. What is the personality of your partner? 

Skills: Having a multiple skillset is good. The ability to take decisions and or the ability to organise the work or project or management.

When Warren Buffett ( legend in the investment world) wants to start own company, They already know these qualities having in one of his friends, Charlie Munger, get the job done in their business. And he spent years of just trying to convince him.

So you have to the eye of seeing these typos of ability in anyone.

Transparency:  Show your startup goal or vision clearly. Show them like in the way that they never feel that there is gonna be any conspiracy. 

Show them their growth path and success path in your business. So they feel that they are in the right place.

Your communication also matters with the team. Talk to them with every situation of business. 

Please don’t treat them like a boss. When you inform them they are unproductive and feel uncomfortable. And when you involve them they are feeling good and they are more productive. So do involve instead of inform.

Departments:  In the beginning you prioritize what you need more. There are common business areas that every business has for operation or running the business.

Hire people who are expert in their areas who are action takers or understand the responsibility. 

  • Customer Service : It is common but most important for business. Customer satisfaction is most important if you do not care about the customers, you can’t run a business in the long run. Hire people who understand the customer service very well and give them the connectivity feel. 
  • Marketing and Sales: In the beginning you can consider more people in these two departments because they are areas where the last process driven in the business.
  • Finance and accounting: They are very helpful to save your business money in the long run.
  • Research and development: You can do it yourself in the beginning because you have the ability to create new ideas.
  • IT & Tech: it is more important to hire a tech expert in your business because it will help you in the internet world.
  • Human Resource: Maybe in the initial stage you are able to manage H.R. departments. But if you actually need you can consider H.R. Expert for this.

There are more areas in the business, you can consider from time to time depending on your business size.


Starting a startup is not an easy job but always determination,  being dedicated and consistently giving effort gives you success in your personal life or professional life.

We discussed how to come up with the good idea.

Prerequisite of idea before confirming it. Your idea is to give value to people and to solve their problem too.

How we can make a perfect business plan that works. We write about the company profile and overview or the financial plan and about your product type and how its gonna be work. 

After that we do some analysis about industry and try to find the gap. We are also brainstorming how we can fill the gap in industry with our products and services. Identify the risk of the market or also who are our competitors. 

In the market we need to find our customers. Who’s our buyer persona. We find that the customer avatar is those people that actually buy our products and services.

We learn about how to create customer avatars. 

Your important steps to register your business with authorities or government compliance.

Types of business in the context of size or valuation is sole proprietorship, one person company ,private limited company and limited liability company. We describe the difference between these types of companies and recommend the private limited if you want to deal abroad or with corporates.

Your business protection is also important that no one can use your property illegally. You have to register your trademarks or your copyrights.

Fundraising strategies or sources where you raise the money for your business. If you get an Angel investor to invest money in your idea, this is a plus point for your business because they also provide the guidance as a mentor.

Launching your first product in the market is great because this is the time when you actually execute the idea in real. Minimum Viable products also help to understand the market and how the market reacts towards your MVP.

Marketing is the most important aspect of your business. Marketing maintains your business in a live situation. Building online presence is most important through digital marketing. Strong brand helps you to grow in every business.

Your superheroes play an important role in startup success. A good team can take your business from the ground to the sky. A good team is one that does not think of just completing the time in office. They do not care how much time they spend, they just focused towards the goal.


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