How to Start a Podcast 2021: Simple Action steps to follow

how to start a podcast

I am very busy sometimes but that busy time is not productive for me like when I am on the traffic and driving or doing something when I am not able to concentrate my eyes on watching some valuable video so that I am listening to the valuable podcast. 

I think you might already know about the podcast; if not, then what is a podcast? or how to start a podcast?

Let me tell you!

Podcast is a form of content that is audio. 

Audio content is on trends because it’s become very easy to consume nowadays. Might be you are in traffic or travelling somewhere, you can listen wherever you don’t see the video and you are able to listen to audio.

Sometimes we are in that situation where we are not able to focus our eyes on videos. So we use audio.

People love to listen to audio mostly at this time, and they do not want to waste their time just listening to the songs. They need some value-based information. 

Now you got the point exactly. This is audio form content which people used to listen to news in the past on radio. 

This is the digital version of radio and more effective in terms of consumption or creation.

Now you have enough idea what I am talking about. You have a question, how do I start a podcast.

I am going to tell you all the steps about starting a podcast.

But ask yourself why you want to start a podcast. 

 Is starting a podcast worth it for you or for your business. 

If you are confused about this, don’t worry, just start sharing your thoughts to the audience because it is enough worth it in this digital age.

Here below all the step mentioned there;

What is Podcast & Why do you need to start a podcast? 

A podcast is a content in audio form. basically we can say the radio of digital world with new experience.

There are many reasons to start a podcast. 

You might want to grow your personal brand, or maybe your audience like your content in audio form.

And you want to build your personal brand, in the early stage, you have a fear of making videos. 

You want to utilize your time when you are somewhere, where you cannot create other forms of content.

Let’s start 

Your intention before starting a podcast

Before creating the podcast, define your purpose. What is your goal in starting a podcast? 

This purpose can be anything as we discussed above. For example, you are an expert in a particular field, and you want to share your information to the people.

After that, you want to decide which type of audience wants to listen to you. 

Make your one month plan earlier that what is your frequency to upload the podcast or be already prepared for the next one month podcast. 

How to Come up with the Podcast Name

Now it’s time to decide your podcast name. 

It would be best to consider your personal brand name for the podcast name like you can see many people out there who use their name as a personal brand. You can add show words like if my name is krishan chandora , i will take it as a “krishan chandora show”. These things hit my personal brand name. 

Or you can choose your other name that you build as a company or man.

You can choose your podcast name in which type of content you are going to put on show. For example, Neil Patel podcast’s name is “Marketing School” because his niche is marketing.

Podcast length , headlines or types

This question is frequently asked about how long a podcast episode should be. It depends on you. 

But I recommend the minimum length should be 5 min in your earlier stage, or it’s totally up to you how much time you take for solving any problem in your episode. 

Now you need to create a good headline for your podcast episode. 

You can also use a headline generator tool or the best way to show the problem name you will solve in the podcast.

I usually do the podcast in many types, and it means the format of a podcast like you can do podcasts as a single one-person army, or with a co-hostinterview types, Q&N based or your long session recording. 

Podcast Structure

A Podcast is always in a structure manner because people getting know via listening only what about that episode exactly.

There are three main parts in the podcast episode: intro, main episode or outro.

In intro: Tell your audience what they get precisely in the episode. Just talk about the bird’s eye view about the episode. 

Main Episode: This is the main content that you want to deliver to your audience. 

Outro: Outro is basically for thanksgiving for listening to your podcast or in outro you intend to give the listener direction. 

If  you want to add one more part, which is your hero story that is very important to drop an image in the listener’s mind. You can place your hero story right after the intro. 

Let’s start Recording or Editing a Podcast

how to start a podcast

Recording a podcast is the major part like the root of a tree.

So How can you record a podcast episode?

You need gear for recording the episode like voice recording device for your podcast

It would be best if you had a microphone for good audio quality, but you can record with your smartphone in the beginning. 

If you are solo, then a smartphone is enough because these days smartphones have excellent microphones.

It’s time to edit your podcast. You can use any video editor which has an option of export in audio. There are lots of video editors in the market.

But I recommend Camtasia.

This is a complete video editing tool or screen recorder. Simple to use and most likely for beginners. 

Everything is ready now what you do next.

 It’s time to Publish the Podcast

We can not upload the podcast episode directly on Spotify, Google podcast , apple podcast or like many other apps. We need some space on web for podcasts. These apps are only work to convey our message, so we need other space so that we can put our data over there.

There are many platform available to host our podcast.

Now your question is then, how to upload podcast on Spotify or apple, pod bean? we can this thing from that platform with just one click.

Let’s go ahead and make things happen in reality. It’s time to publish the podcast.

We need a platform to host our podcast. We have two options, free or paid. 

We host on the platform named Anchor for free. Yes, you can start a podcast for free.

In the paid option we can host on Buzzsprout. This platform hosts our podcast on multiple places like Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast, Amazon Alexa or many more. 

So you don’t need to work hard here ,many people are finding it difficult to upload podcasts on Spotify or starting a podcast on apple devices. 

Buzzsprout does all of this from our just single click.

For every episode, you need a good description, title or thumbnails like youtube videos. Now you can upload your all episode and schedule it. 

All done, now you have to take action and create your first podcast. 

These are the fundamental to starting a podcast for newbies.

If you have any query, let me know in the comment section of this post.

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