12 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

digital marketing trends 2021

Digital Marketing trends 2021

2020 has changed us a lot, changed our way of thinking a lot, changed the thinking of companies & brands, and forced them to think about how you can reach your customer when your business is shut down in a situation like a lockdown.

We have seen many services and products coming online where the medium of marketing is evolving as digital marketing. 

Old marketing ways are no work anymore because every group of people has their different personas. You need to choose the sub-specific market of your specific target group of people. 

For those businesses, we can say who are not still on the online internet world, they will finish first in the wave of rapid changes of digital space.

“Trend is your Friend” – Martin Zweig 

This term is related to the stock market But it applies in the digital space as well. You must have to adopt the changes in digital marketing.

Always be with the trend, so trend becomes your friend. 

Every year has his trend, as we can see in 2020, people have started to move towards digital channels fast. And as a result, we got to see that it can also be worked online without an office. and online content is the most consumed and the use of digital channels was increased. 

No one can tell the exact thing what will happen in the future but this is the prediction based on past years, the surveys, and analytics.

So, we have written down the hottest digital marketing trends in 2021. Check out all the trends and choose which trend you should adopt in your digital marketing strategy or which is suitable for your business. 

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

1.) Marketing Automation and AI :  

digital marketing trends 2021
Source : singlegrain.com

Marketing automation reduces the human efforts and give the good ROT ( Returns on Time invested) 

Automated content publish, social messaging or automate ad campaign or smart bidding

On google ad or automation of webinar or more things is going on in present time. 

These things require one time effort when you have your landing page ready, an ad campaign, email automation or payment processing all set up, you are good to go. Sales will happen and check the analytics whether things are working well or not.

Automation is a necessity for businesses at this time.  

Chatbot – Use Chatbot on your website, because Artificial Intelligence has developed so much that it recognizes human behavior and talks to him like that. Building a chatbot is a one-time effort because initially as a human you have to note down all the questions. 

In the industry some chatbots are making sales themselves.

2.) User Centric approach:

Personalization with customers and audience means one to one marketing. 

Stats from Instapage – 80% of people say they want more personalized experiences and are comfortable doing business with brands who fulfill their criteria.

User experience or satisfaction is a must in 2021, so make your content, product and service more personalized.

Your emails, ad copies or sales copy should be personalized.

People want to connect with people not with logos, so make sure your business should also have a face.

3.) Feature snippets or SERP Zero ranking: 

When you search on Google, you get your answer without doing any click on any websites. 

The trend is zero-click search.

For example, As you can see when you search on google “ what is lead generation in digital marketing” , you get the answer up front. There is no need to click.

You see that when you search your query, most of the time you come back just watching like this feature snippets because you got what you wanted. 

So write or optimise your blogs in such a way that you get featured. There is no rule or instruction from google to get snippets. But the query or question makes feature snippets most of the time. 

Google automatically detects the particular answer from your entire blog post, if your post is well articulated or optimized.

4.) Push notification:

you noticed that when you visit some website, on the top left side, you can see a notification pop-up, where you have two options: allow and deny. You can also see this in the image. 

You know, if this website information is useful for you, you will definitely allow and most of the time you click on the received notification. 

Similarly, we receive notifications on our smartphone from apps and we check that one by one. 

You can grow traffic on your website or app by push notification.

5.) Local SEO:

If you have a local or small business, then you should need to know about local SEO.

It will help you to grow your business in your local market and in your city as well. 

List your business on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS so that your business becomes visible online because Google itself gives priority to the local business.

If you are already registered, you should optimise your business page such as update your complete info, business profile or make it indexable based on the local keyword like “best vegetarian restaurant near me or best restaurant in XYZ city name.

6.) Voice searches and visuals searches:

People will be more comfortable to find answers from search engines by speaking.

45 Fascinating Voice Search Statistics from Backlinko

Smart speakers like echo speakers and google home speaker use have increased in the last few years. 

Even the google assistant use has also increased. People speak instead of typing a query. 

Optimise your blog posts according to voice searches. Generally, people ask long wordy query, so you have to use a long tail keyword like in the way a human speaks.

Visuals searches: you can search by image, if you want to know more about that particular image which you get it somewhere.

Mostly the uses of image search happen when people want exactly that is in the image.

Amazon also improved their images searches. 

7.) Micro videos:  

Video form content is the most consumed content in and will continue to be the trend in 2021.

Video content is effective because it contains the face, emotions or expression and people simply related to it. In the context of explanation other content types are far away from videos.

People spend hours and hours just watching micro videos because micro videos are attention grabbing. 

That is the reason youtube launched their shorts, instagram launched their reels for micro videos and the same feature available in facebook or other social media platforms.

Video content still remains in trend because you can not forget the world’s 2nd largest search engine Youtube. And in videos  it is number one.

8.) Long form content :

After the zero click search (featured snippets), it is not that the long form will end. The trend of long article content still remains.

Google promotes the long form content as well, because every user is different and their query is also different so that google wants only a good user experience whether users need short answers or lengthy information.

Long articles have their own benefits. Make sure optimise it for user perspective or also in such a way that some point or headline is ready for feature snippets. 

9.) User generated content:

If you have some knowledge about digital marketing or doing something in digital marketing, my question is to you how many times you interact with someone or create content for others?

Your answer should be many times because people only have users generated content for daily posting. 

Interview, meeting or Q&N calls become the user generated content or they are distributed in micro pieces of content.

In other cases, you don’t interact with someone yet , but might consume user generated content from someone’s profile. 

You can encourage people to create something unique for you because in exchange you will give shoutouts to them.

10.) Live session or live webinars:

Facebook live increased by 50% in the pandemic situation. Instagram live also increased by 70% according to socialmediatoday

People build their businesses by selling products or services in live sessions during the lockdown. 

2020 Pandemic is a revolutionary thing for the offline coaching business. A huge spike was seen in the coaching industry during the lockdown situation. 

People become online coaches or provide paid sessions and workshops. Online coaching or courses still upfront in 2021.

Virtual event : All ground events fail when lockdown happens. No one is able to attend any event or in person meetings.

People start doing virtual events at events or meeting softwares. People realise the effectiveness of virtual events. 

Many businesses appreciate that there is no need to travel, accommodation problems and the most important is time saving or so on.

So the live session or virtual event is the latest trends of digital marketing trends.

11.) Interactive content :

Interactive contact does one thing, it engages the user and lets you think a little.

People also start running the interactive ads because at least users give some time to their ads. 

User attention is the most important aspect in marketing. That’s why ”Attention is the new currency” in digital space.

Social media stories : People like to watch stories and they interact with the story.

Polls, quizzes, surveys or calculator  : you can add polls or quizzes in your story or in your groups. Ask me any question that is very popular on Instagram.

VR 360 degree video or photos : Google maps has a lot of 360 angle photos. Or some digital channels have an option of 360 photos or video angels. But you need a specific device for that. 

Contest, freebies or giveaways : Flipkart has a separate section in their app for interactive video. In the video they have an inbuilt quiz system, when you give all answers right they will give you coins. 

Give the ebook or course trial for free in order to interact with people. Giveaways are the best way ever because people are waiting for results till the end date. 

12.) Collaboration and co- creator: 

Competition < Collaboration

Collaboration beat the competition. People start doing collaboration with people in their industry. Collaboration increases the exposure because they both have their combined audience.  

Creating content is easy when two people are working together. Collaboration helps in terms of people, team or work and much more. So collaboration will continue in 2021 or beyond.

Other trends :

checkouts on Instagram. 

Shoppable post on Instagram: Instagram launched their shoppable post in march 2019. And now it is in trend. People make If you have a business or your business is suitable to run on Instagram, then make the shoppable post.

Linkedin : Many experts say that LinkedIn will be the next Facebook. Every type of content there. So initially their ads will be cheaper. 

People have already started to move to linkedin because it has some professional faces.

The ease of consume : Podcast is very easy to consume while working or driving. podcast is a audio form content.

Conclusion : These are the digital marketing trends 2021, you should adopt in your business.

“Change is the rule of nature”.

Always be with the trend because “trend is your friend”. Keep in mind this line. 

Go ahead and look for the bright future.

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